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  • Resolved an issue where deleting a URL from either the whitelist or blacklist inadvertently removed the incorrect URL.
  • Updated the popup modal to improve reusability across different popup pages.
  • Added a notification alert when attempting to save a URL that is already listed.

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  • Updated the popup’s “Edit List” link to display inline instead of as a submenu element for improved user experience and reduced vertical space for future updates, to the extension icon to alert the user when a new update is released.


  • Added a notification indicator to the extension icon to alert the user when a new update is released.


  • Updated the display of New Releases. Updates will now show a new alert in the Smart Mute popup window.


  • Fixed a bug where active blacklisted tab mutes current active tab


  • Fixed an issue where users with multiple browser windows and audible tabs in each window were not muting the correct tab.


  • Fixed a bug where after user is inactive for a short time, the current audible tab was not persistent causing active tab to mute
  • Fixed an issue where blacklist wasn’t being honored
  • Fixed an issue where silent mode wasn’t being honored on tab updates
  • Updated the Uninstalled page to website from Google Cloud


  • Fixed a bug where last audible tab would be muted after a short period


  • Show updated page on extension update


  • Fix popup error


  • Updated Smart Mute to use Manifest v3